Libahundi Jälg (english:  Werewolf’s footprint) rogain in Armenia 23th of October, full excursion packet  21-29 of October

21.10 18:00 Flight (LOT) Tallinn - Warsaw -Yerevan, will be there on 22.10 at 04:25
Bus transfer from Yerevan airport to Tsaghkadzor ski resort, where our accommodation and competition center located in the same hotel ****

22.10 Upon arrival at the hotel, a short rest and then MODEL  i.e. the competition landscape dating. Each participant receives a card with 4-5 controlpoints that give an idea of nature and surrounding conditions. Then there will be a short hiking tour in the vicinity of Tsaghkadzor. Dinner at your discretion individually.

23.10 ROGAIN “Werewolf’s footprint” 8 h, start 10:00, finish 18:00
Followed by showering and swimming, then award ceremony and Armenian-style dinner at the hotel restaurant.

24.10 Departure from Tsaghkadzor, drive to the idyllic SEVAN mountain lake. Visit to the Sevanank monastery on the peninsula. In ancient times, Lake Sevan was called Geghama sea, blue-eyed beauty of Armenia. It is one of the largest freshwater mountain lakes in the world (1900 meters above sea level). Then we will drive to Ijevan, where we will visit Armenias one of the oldest and most famous wine and
cognac factories. Let's learn about ancient wine and cognac making with traditions and taste local wines! After a brief introduction to the city of Ijevan, we drive to DILIJAN and stay in a hotel****, dinner at the hotel. Locals call Dilijan National Park the  Switzerland of Armenia  because of its characteristic features valleys with dense green forest and hillsides with wonderful views covered with flower loops.
We will also visit Sharambeyan, the old town of Dilijan, an old city street with houses decorated with wooden cornices. Dinner.

25.10  The bus takes you to the beginning of the hiking trails to the ancient  JUKHTAKVANK -on the 9th century built monastery complex and will wait there. Hiking in Dilijan National Park: the stronger group hikes  20 km on the
“Three Peaks" trail and reaches the Haghartsin Monastery,  walkers-enjoyers ; take a mountain hike with a few peaks of their choice in the beautiful surroundings on hiking trails and come back to the bus from where they depart after 5-6 hours to Haghartsin monastery. Those who make a longer hike, are met there; we will drive
together to the village of Gosh, where a visit to the famous Goshavank - historical monastery takes place. Then return to Dilijan to the hotel, a short washing break and dinner.

26.10  Departure from Dilijan, drive to Yerevan, arrive at the hotel****
From there, the journey by small buses to Mount Aragats begins. The buses will be waiting at Kari lake. Mount Aragats is the highest point of
Armenia at an altitude of 4095 m. Aragats has four different peaks, of which the southern peak is the closest and most easily accessible. The highest, on the northern side, the height of the peak is 4095 meters, on the western side 4007 m, on the eastern side 3916 m and the southern 3879 m. The hikes start from the Kar lake, or rock lake, which is located at an altitude of 3250 m. Although there are not established trails, the peaks are visible from the starting point of the hike, which makes navigating to the southern peaks quite easy. It takes up to two hours to reach the south peak and the north peak about two more hours to reach. Be prepared for snow and colder temperatures! And enjoy hundreds of cool springs and floodplains along the trail. A drive to Yerevan follows. In the evening, we arrive at the hotel, there is accommodation and dinner.

27.10  Departure from the hotel: excursion package begins: Zvartsnot, Garni, Khor Virap. In the evening, 200 km away, we will reach the picturesque mountain town of Goris hotel****, where is dinner and overnight stay.

28.10  Departure from Goris hotel. Last hiking day! We drive for 20 minutes distance to the village of Khndzoresk. There is a 1.5 hour walking tour where everyone has the opportunity to climb in the canyon, on the mountain slopes, and get
to know the famous Khndzoresk cave village, explored in the mountains with cave melting and a swinging suspension bridge. In the background of the mountains we can see Azerbaijan. Then we drive to Tatevi monastery. Those who wish can take a 5 km walk from the monastery to Devils Bridge, on the way can visit the Great Hermitage - the 17th century monastery complex, where the last monk lives
alone. At Devils Bridge you can bathe in natural pools of mineral water. A long drive to Yerevan follows. Last dinner in a restaurant and then transfer to the airport.

29.10 (LOT) flight 05.25 Warsaw-Tallinn

The price of the package is €569 (registering until 01.09.22) includes transfers from Yerevan airport, model and Rogain participation, waterproof cards, competition service, awards for the best teams, bus transportation in the  excursion package, accommodation in hotels****, breakfasts and 6 dinners, all excursions, entrances to attractions and group leader service.
Package for under 18s €509 (not recommended for under 10s because the hikes are quite long)
The price of the package from 02.09 is €629 and for under 18s €569
SI stick rental for an additional fee: €4

It is also possible to fly via Vilnius with Wizzair or Riga to Yerevan 22-29.10 or with various airlines to Tbilisi 21-29.10
Special transfer from Tbilisi airport to Tsaghkadzor (drive approx. 4-5 h) and from
Yerevan to Tbilisi one way approx. 40€ (depends on the number of passengers).

Rogain participation only €35