Rogain "Libahundi Jälg" (eng Werewolfs footprint)
1st rogain in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Bansko 22.10.2023

Organiser of the event is NGO Aktiivikeskus (sportclub from Estonia). The competition starts on 22th of October in Bansko, Bulgaria. Event center will be in Casa Karina hotel.


8 hour rogain, which starts at 10:00 o'clock. Team consist of two to five members.
Map scale is 1:20 000, contour interval 25m. Fieldwork and cartography in summer 2023 done by Deniss Žilin and Sergei Rjaboshkin. Course setter is Mairolt Kakko and Sergei Rjaboshkin.
Map delivery starts 1 hour before start. The map will be printed on waterproof material.

Punching system

SPORTident (SI) punching system will be used. SI-cards will be available for rent (4 € ) to the participants.

Event programme

8:00 event center opens, competition materials, bibs and rented si-card delivery
9:00  map delivery
10:00 start
18:00 finish
price-giving ceremony
and dinner with folk music and local food and drinks (with extra fee)

There will be 30-40 checkpoints in terrain. In each checkpoint stands SI-station and red-white sign. Total score of team will be sum of decimal places of numbers for visited checkpoints.
The team together analyse the map and plan their strategy: the order of control points and the route between them. It is  compulsory to have a pen to mark it. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to plan a route consistent with the time and skills of each team.
A team's score shall be the value of the checkpoints visited less penalties. Late returns are penaltised by deducting points: up to 1 minute — 2 point,  for exceeding each next full minute — 2 point. Teams finishing more than 30 minutes late shall be deemed ineligible for a placing. The team with the greater score, or in the event of a tie, the team which finished earlier, shall be awarded the higher placing. The winners in the competition classes will be the teams with higher score. Number bibs must be pinned on a visible place and must be worn during the whole competition by all members of the team. Take with you the safety-pins! Each team members must remain together, i.e. within eyesight of each other (50 m) so that the number bibs are clearly visible. The only navigational aids that may be carried on the course are maps provided by the organiser, magnetic compasses and watches. The use of any other navigational aids and programmable devices is prohibited. Mobile - phone should be for using only in emergency purposes.
If one or more members of the team want to retire from the course, the whole team must return to the event center and they are deemed to have finished. Those members of the team who want to continue can re-register as a new team, whereas the points scored for so far visited checkpoints are not counted.

Competition classes:

JJ19Juniors, born 2004 or later
 HHMen, general race for every team
 HDMixed men and women
 HH45Veterans men, all born 1978 or before
Veterans women, all born 1978 or before
 HD45Veterans mixed, all born 1978 or before
 HH55 Veterans men, all born 1968 or before
 DD55 Veterans woman, all born 1968 or before
 HD55 Veterans mixed, all born 1968 or before
 PERE (FAMILY)Family from 2 generations, at least one member must be born 2008 or later

Entry fee for a team is the sum of entry fees for individual team members.
Entry fees per competitor:

Born 2004 or laterBorn 1963..2003Born 1962 or before
until 15.10.2023

 25 €

35 €

 25 €

45 €45 €45€

SI-card rent 4 € (addition to the participation fee).

In the entry fee there is included: participation in the competition, event map, number bib, wrist ribbon, plain water and catering in the competition centre.

Teams may use their own SI-card: SI-6, SI-9, SI-10, SI-11 or rent one from the organizer. The number of your SI card or the wish to rent SI-card must be mentioned in the registration formula. The rental of 2 € must be paid with the entry fee. If in the event the rented SI-card is lost or broken, a compensation of 60 € shall be charged.

The entry fee shall be paid by bank transfer using the following credentials:  team name, class, names and SI numbers of participants.


account No. EE882200221019616426
Swedbank, Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia;
IBAN: EE882200221019616426

NB! All transaction costs shall be paid by the payer.


In case a violation of the remain-together requirement has been registered in a checkpoint, the team shall be penaltised by deducting points in the value of this checkpoint; in case of a violation of this requirement elsewhere on the course, the team shall be given a warning.
 In case of a repeated violation, the team will be disqualified.


  • waterproof dressing
  •  slip resistant gloves
  • plain water min 1,0 l per person
  • energy bars or some food
  • compass
  • waterproof (packed) mobile phone only for emergency purposes or problems with the checkpoints. NB! The mobile phone number of the organizers is printed on the map!


by e-mail to
It is allowed to change the class, number and names of team members free of charge until 2 days before start.

After then, you can, by way of exception, make changes on the morning of the competition, during the materials delivery, as follows:

  •  change the name of a team member — 2 €

  • reduce the competition class — 2 €

At the competition will take photos which will be publicied . If you don’t want to publish your pictures, please inform about it immediately the photographer!